Our Product

Through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s), Banverde finances, acquires and operates rooftop solar systems for its commercial and industrial clients who then pay a fixed monthly fee for the energy produced.

These contracts can range between 6 to 15 years depending on the terms agreed with each client. Once the contract ends, the client becomes owner of the solar system and enjoys the benefits of the solar energy produced at no cost.


Our objective is to provide savings for our clients from day 1. The price for the energy produced increases slightly every year at a fixed percentage rate. Upon signing the PPA our clients have full visibility of the monthly payments required throughout the duration of the contract, therefore avoiding the typical volatility of market prices.

Down Payment

As low as $0

PPA Duration

6 – 15 years

Solar System Ownership

The customer owns the asset at the end of the contract

Monthly Savings

As high as 40%

Monthly Bills

Fixed price and known since the start

Our Process

A snapshot of the typical steps for our clients to obtain their PPA’s.

Our Promise

We only work with a vetted network of solar installers who meet the highest quality standards in line with international best practices and are certified by independent engineers.

During the life of each contract, Banverde is responsible for the costs associated with operating and maintaining the solar systems with no additional costs to its clients.

Once the contract has ended and the client becomes owner of their solar systems, they may choose to rely on Banverde for the operation and maintenance of the asset.